Orchestra Information

The Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1965 having its roots in the Kazakh SSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting. In the years of 1965-1975 various musical culture workers of Kazakhstan directed the ensemble.

Since 1975 it has been headed by the People’s artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of composers alliance of Kazakhstan and the USSR- Murat Serkebayev.

Many forms and genres of chamber music started to appear and develop thanks to this ensemble. This proved to be a true cultural event for our country. Since 1 March 1998 the Concert Orchestra of Almaty Akim (Mayor) has been a successor maintaining performance and aesthetic traditions of the Chamber Orchestra. The repertoire policy of the orchestra is based on the literary tradition of the Early and High Renaissance to the modern musical culture. Kazakh national composers school and renowned ethnic music representatives take a prominent place in the artistic portfolio of the orchestra.

Within the history of its existence, the Concert Orchestra of Almaty Akim (Mayor) has had a wide touring map: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, the Baltic states and the Central Asia republics, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, England; tours in the native land, rich review publication history, appreciation of coryphaei of music, tremendous record library in the Gold Fund of the Kazakh Television and Radio broadcasting.

In different years, the orchestra collaborated with the following musicians of Russia:

Igor Boguslavsky, Georgiy Bezrukov, Alla Vasilyeva, Natalia Gutman, Leonid Roizman, etc.